I hope this is the right forum to post this in, and I hope it's okay to do a WTT thread. If not, mods please delete!

Hi all,
Recently, one of my and my father's tractors were stolen (Ford 3600), and we need to replace it. We don't have any extra money to go buy another, so my father and I are offering up whatever we can to get one. Anyway, due to the circumstances, I am offering up my ALL ORIGINAL 1978 Y82 BANDIT Trans Am in trade for a Ford 2600, 3600, 4000,or 4600 DIESEL. (We are looking for another Ford, because we have a lot of spare parts from our last one that got stolen)
I bought this car back in March of this year. I bought it to replace my first T/A that I had to sell, (it was a non Y84 '79 black on black car) so this car is already a prized posession, and I absolutely cannot believe I am doing this....
The car is literally 97% rust free. There are a couple of SMALL spots in the floor, but can easily be patched without doing the whole pan. The body is very straight with only one dent in the passenger door.
The car does not run, as it has been sitting for many years. The original 400 is gone, and the car now has a pontiac 350. I have not yet attempted to start the car.
All tires except for one hold air, but they're dry rotted. The interior is all there, as are the Hurst Hatches. The dash is not cracked. The seats have some tears, but they will work while you get it running. The headliner is drooping. I have the buildsheet for the car proving it's a Y82.
I am not looking to sell the car, because every time I get cash, it never seems to go where I intend it to go...and plus... it seems like it will be easier to bear trading it, rather than selling it.
The car will be traded with a bill of sale. No title. (not a problem in most states)
My location is 30019.