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    Default Help with old Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter

    I had a few questions concerning an older Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter that I had purchased in 1999. While reading a few posts on TBN I noticed that YOMAX4, a member of TBN was a representative for the company. I sent him several private messages and he responded to me right away. He was able to help me with my questions and directed me to the proper parts that I needed. I want to publicly thank him for great customer support. So if anybody is in the market for a plasma cutter I highly recommend Thermal Dynamics. I'm sure, well at least hoping that the other major manufacturers of plasma cutters also have good service but I can only speak for Thermal Dynamics. Again thanks YOMAX4 for all of your help.
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    Default Re: Help with old Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter

    I was given an old plasma cutter that didn't work some years ago. It was NOT a Thermal Dynamics (can't remember just what it was). Took it to the dealer who told me that "the board" was shot and I should just buy a whole new unit. I should sell the gun portion to someone as a spare however as it would be worth $500 new....They do not repair boards, only replace and won't/can't supply schematics of the board as it is "almost obsolete".
    Sooner or later I'm gonna find someone who enjoys messin with electronics, and knows more about them than I do, then I will have my own plasma cutter!

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    Default Re: Help with old Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter

    Just being the geek that I am I have come across opportunity's to check out many types of electrical gear. A lot of the time I have found poor solder connections in old vintage equipment. Yes there are times components are bad. That is where sometimes a schematic is helpful. I can say that I have saved several people tossing an item because I was able to fix it with just a soldering iron. You might find someone that is willing near you to take a look. There are a lot of us old school techs still out there.
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    Default Re: Help with old Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter

    Gents, Note: ANY Plasma Cutter you have or find, Working Or Not is worth $10.00 per amp trade in on a Thermal Dynamics unit. brand does not matter. You trade in a Blown Up 60 amp unit and take $600 off you price for a New TD unit. No-one else will offer you that.,

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