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    Default Tig torch length

    I was doing some tig welding this morning and as I was coiling up my leads I started wondering if there is a reason that I have a 10' tig torch and a 20' lead on the amptrol. I have a foot and a thumb amptrol and they are both 20'. Is this just a standard length.

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    Default Re: Tig torch length

    I don't know if there is a standard length. I think my scratch start torch is 12-feet long plus 20-feet of gas hose. But my water cooled torch is 25-feet long.

    Maybe this link will help you. :: TIG/ GTAW Torches

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    Default Re: Tig torch length

    What kind of torch and welder are you using? I use Lincoln PT225 and it came with a 15 foot torch lead and when I went with a PTA-9 torch I had the option of a 15 or 25 foot. And all lincolns stuff seems to be these lengths for options for covers/amptrols etc. 10 foot seems like it may have been custom made? or repaired?

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