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    Question welding table

    My little welding table is two 1X12's about 25" long and 24" wide (it's ruff cut stuff out of the back yard). It wasn't built as a welding table (it's only 14" tall), it just migrated it's way into my shop and I use it to get off the concrete floor and to keep off my work table off the end of my table saw.

    I'm going to build a taller one and am wondering if plate aluminum that I already have on hand will work. I have 1/8" and 3/16" stuff. I suppose I could buy some plate steel, but would like to keep the table light and easy to move around.

    If I make a grounding point on the table will the aluminum plate work as a ground well enough?


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    Default Re: welding table

    err. good question. aluminum will conduct a ground and its used in electrical wire.

    my welding table is steel because im always banging away on stuff while working on the table. its all 1/4" plate and real heavy.
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    Smile Re: welding table

    I guess aluminum would work! It would get gouged a lot. Mine is out of steel, I often tack stuff to it to hold things together as I am fitting and assembling a project before final welding. Mine is 1/2" plate

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    Default Re: welding table

    I made an aluminum top work bench years ago that is about 4' X 3' and 1/4" thick. Love it. It is my welding and general use bench right now.

    I made the frame out of 1" iron pipe legs and angle iron stringers across the top. It also has heavy duty casters that lock and two shelves.

    I mounted a vice on it, welded a plug box on one leg with a heavy cord so I can plug the bench in and have a convenient place to plug in a grinder, or whatever.

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    Default Re: welding table

    One advantage to having a steel table is that during fabrication you can tack work pieces or supports down to the table when needed.
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    Default Re: welding table

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandlot View Post
    One advantage to having a steel table is that during fabrication you can tack work pieces or supports down to the table when needed.
    There you have it. And nothing like having a perfectly flat welding table.
    My table is 1/4 inch steel. The last table I made (not for me) was made with 1/2 inch steel. My fathers was 3/4 inch and 4 ft x 8 ft, he did a lot of welding and big stuff at that.
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