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    Default Re: Where to buy Oxy/Acetylene tanks

    TSC (Tractor Supply Co.) sells oxygen & acetylene bottles in various sizes (#1-#3 in acetylene, #1-#5 in oxygen). They refer to them as being refillable / exchangable. Bottle prices are for empties, add the gas content price to get the out-the-door price of a filled bottle. Prices are available at their web site, but they are strictly in-store items...

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    Default Re: Where to buy Oxy/Acetylene tanks

    Thanks for the input everybody.

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    Default Re: Where to buy Oxy/Acetylene tanks

    I'll share my experiences with welding tanks. I have always owned tanks, never leased. I live in CT where people can own large tanks, but you cannot buy them from a local welding store. Basically people are grandfathered as owners. Here is where it gets tough. If I walk into a big welding store chain with no-name tanks (or with someone else's name on them) they will not exchange them unless their company's name is on them. I called around and went to several different suppliers and found a company that exchanged basically any tank you brought as long as you answered "Yes" when they asked the question "do you own this tank". If the tank had a valid test date they exchanged the tank. If the date was too old, they charged the $25 test fee and gave one of their full tanks. Now, the tanks are "in their system" and future exchanges are no-questions-asked. After looking at the tanks I got from them, some were marked with paint on. Others had the ring at the top with the name of long since defunct welding supply chains. I have picked up tanks at the local dump/transfer station, taken them in and exchanged them and now have tanks "in the system". I know the rules in different states vary but that is what I have gone through.

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    Default Re: Where to buy Oxy/Acetylene tanks

    around here you can have owner or lease tanks. if you have owner tanks, most places charge you a fee, and then give you one ofhteirs, which you can then swap just fo rthe cost of the gas..e tc.


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