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    Default Re: 7018 Break test.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shield Arc View Post
    That's not a bad question, but the real question is, would you walk out on something 200-feet in the air that I welded with 7018?

    I will, and have many times.
    Thats if you welded it ... me welding it I'd have to let you test it!!
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    Default Re: 7018 Break test.

    Get an x-ray on the weld.
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    Default Re: 7018 Break test.

    Quote Originally Posted by blueriver View Post
    Thats if you welded it ... me welding it I'd have to let you test it!!
    Same with me. If I welded it. I wouldn't wanna be the one testing it. I'm still scared of my welds. Maybe soon I'll get over it. lol

    I am getting better though. Learning the right amperage setting, and, getting a good bead, and a strong weld.

    I used the 7018 this time and I love them rods.

    I had a friend that is a professional welder come by yesterday and said that the welds were looking good and that he'd trust them.

    That did help ease my mind. So far there holding up, and I've pulled the backhoe down the road at 50 mph. I thought for sure she was gonna break doing that.

    I did hear a clunking sound while towing it and slowed down, thinking oh **** a weld broke. Nope it was just my swing pin hitting the pavement as the backhoe bounced up and down. I need to raise that pin up and also add some bigger tires to bring it off the ground some more.

    So hopefully that means she's gonna stay together. Also none of the welds broke when using the hydraulics.

    Oh but my chipping hammer broke in half last night. I was knocking off some slag after finishing the last weld, and the chipping part broke off the handle.

    Now I get to weld that back together. lol


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    Default Re: 7018 Break test.

    We used these all the time. When the handle drys out, just place it head down in a bucket of water over the weekend. I like the one where the head is perpendicular to the handle, (one in the back).

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