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    Default Re: Ground clamps.

    Troven, I have never grounded both pieces, I believe that once you make the smallest of a weld, you have ajoined the two anywho. Today I didn't ground anything...I simply grounded to the meatl table and the work pieces touched it...

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    Default Re: Ground clamps.

    Quote Originally Posted by Haywire View Post
    How about these? It's built into a set of vise grips.

    I use something similar to this... as my brass ground clamp spring usually doesn't clamp very good, I keep a pair of vice grips handy to increase the pressure on the clamp. I probably have a couple of new ones in the box over on the shelf, but am too cheap to throw away one that I can still make work.
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    Default Re: Ground clamps.

    What Artisan said. If you have a situation where it becomes a problem, just make sure you ground the piece that you want to start your arc on. After you start, you are good to go.

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    Default Re: Ground clamps.

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