Hi Everyone,

I am very excited to introduce our TIGWELD 200 EX, which is the best AC DC TIG/STICK welder we have ever offered. It comes with AC and DC pulse controls, hot start and anti-stick for stick, and basically the best arc you will see from a TIG machine that is produced by LONGEVITY.

Also, we have improved our foot pedal. The reliability of this machine is the best we have offered. I have photos of the internals, which clearly indicate proper separation of mother boards, color coordinated wires for easy tracing, and different size connectors so that if you do remove a plug, you know where it goes every time on the board. Overall, the built quality is unmatched by Chinese factories.

Here is a video done by Tim:


Link to product: http://www.longevity-inc.com/product...Weld-200EX.php