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    Default Re: Cup wheels for 41/2 inch grinders

    I cant help with the cup wheels, but I do want to comment on the cheap grinders. A few months back, the switch went out on my Makita 4 1/2 in grinder. A new switch is almost the cost of a new grinder. I happened to be in a Northern tool store and they had their Wel-bilt 41/2 grinders on sell for about $20. I said what the heck and bought one. The first time I used it the little plastic button that stops the arbor so you can change disc broke. I used a screwdriver to hold the arbor and put on a flapper disc. The grinder didnt have enough power to pull the flapper disc, always bogging down. I decided to try a cutting disc to cut a oilpan apart, thats when the gears inside the head stripped. In other words, I didnt save anything with the $20 grinder, in fact if you figure the lost time and still haveing to purchase another grinder, it cost me a lot more than the initial $20 to even fool with the Junk. Buy a quality grinder and it should last for years, buy a cheap grinder and buy it over and over and over and you will never be satisfied.

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    Default Re: Cup wheels for 41/2 inch grinders

    Go to Look at page 245, P/N:G8778 & G8779. These are 10mm x 1.5mm steel bristle cup brushes.

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