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    Default My welding table

    I've been looking at welding tables lately both pre made and ones people have made and it finally dawned on me that I could use the cart I had and make a top fairly cheaply.
    The cart is one of those chrome mesh kitchen carts from IKEA and the casters were from Harborfreight. I went to my metal supplier and bought a remnant piece of 1/8" plate and some angle iron. They really like it when you are not to picky and tell them I need something about this size and will make it work as opposed to coming im with exact dimensions, the guy kept saying cool I like that attitude. The hooks were originally made to hold a shovel and one end of a ladder, peeled the rubber off and instant cord and gun holder. The top is kept in place by the and iron and also two tabs that keep it from sliding side to side. I got it all together and it was way too tall and cut about 8" out of the legs. All in all I'm pretty happy for a first try it is larger and much cheaper than any of the others and doesn't take up much more space that just the cart. Overall the top is 21" x 40"
    Thanks for looking
    TomMy welding table-weldtbl1-jpgMy welding table-weldtbl2-jpgMy welding table-weldtbl3-jpg

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    Default Re: My welding table

    PORTABLE !! Thats a Great build and idea . The one in my Dad's shop is so stinkin heavy , it takes both me and my brother to move it .

    Fred H.

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    Great job!
    Dan H.

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    Default Re: My welding table

    That's a fair size table. It would be perfect for me. I don't have much room and the table would definitely need to be move around. Good thing you've got it at the height you need it at. There's only one thing worse than working on a table that is too high and that's welding on the floor! LOL Cheers!

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