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    Default Wire size/lead size for Lincoln AC 225

    I tried searching for information on this, but came up blank. I think this is a pretty simple question, so here goes:

    I just picked up a Lincoln AC 225 unit - used, like new condition. It doesn't have any supply wiring (cord) with it, and the leads are pretty short.

    What size breaker do I need to run this welder? I've got a 200 amp service in my shop, with almost nothing on it right now. What size wire should I use to feed the receptacle for the welder (run will be less than 50' from panel to welder outlet).

    I would like to lengthen the leads as well. The lead wires are pretty short and pretty small. I would like to have 30' to 40' of length. What size wire should I use for that?

    Sorry if these are rudimentary questions. I've welded a little before with units like this, but it's always been in a somebody else's shop and everything was already set up.

    Thanks for the help. Take care.

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    Default Re: Wire size/lead size for Lincoln AC 225

    That welder needs a 50a circuit.

    Typically that means 6ga wire to the plug. BUT (I am not an electrician and I am sure others will correct me if I am wrong), but I believe there is an exception to the code for welders in that you can downsize the wire by one size to 8ga on a 50a breaker given that a welder is not continuous duty. BUT, that means that you can ONLY run the welder off that plug.

    As far as the size of the leads??? I'd measure what you got, and maybe go up one size given the length you want them.
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    Default Re: Wire size/lead size for Lincoln AC 225

    Here is a welding lead calculator I came across the other day.

    What Welding Cable Size Chart | Direct Wire and Cable, The best quality wire and cable

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    Default Re: Wire size/lead size for Lincoln AC 225

    The one time I did read the directions, I think Lincoln actually recommended a 40 amp circuit for my 225 a/c buzzbox. They might have changed this with later models, don't know. I ran mine on a 30 amp dryer circuit for years since I seldom went over 105 amps, and if the breaker popped (usually when I went to 135 amp setting, I just reset it. If you are keeping track of the duty cycle and using it on smaller welding rods, a typical dryer plug should work, but if you want to use the welder to it's complete ability, you will need a larger breaker. If your installing a new circuit, do it right, or if Murphy's law hits you regularly, or if your wiring is older, don't try this....
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    Default Re: Wire size/lead size for Lincoln AC 225

    You should be able to go here and download the manual for free. but their web site is down right now. Here is one:
    Looks like the manual has little info on wire size but it does say to match the circuit with the nameplate which means they recommend a 50 amp circuit. (Not that I would chastise anyone for running on a dryer circuit)

    I use stove and dryer outlets in my shop. You can get a 50 amp crow-foot stove cord with plug just about anywhere. Here is a 10-footer: PETRA 90-1088 3-Wire Range Cord, 10-Foot, 50A: Home Improvement. I have been guilty of splicing a dryer cord to the end of a supplied power cord because it was either easier to find or cheaper than the bare plug and added some reach to boot. In my experience they have a nice snug fit with very little chance they would ever pull apart. If you do buy a bare plug, get a universal plug with interchangeable ground prong so you can use a dryer outlet in a pinch. I actually made up an adapter cord by installing a stove receptacle on the end of a dryer cord.

    My 50 amp circuit is only 10 feet from the panel so the piece of 6-2 wire with 10 gauge ground wasn't very expensive.
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