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    Default Got a new StickWeld 250!!

    Hey guys!! So, I know that Simon already posted part 1 of my video mini-series thing, but I figured Id post the second half and add my thoughts in.

    In a nutshell? Its a really sweet little machine

    I already have a Hobart Stickmate, and Lincoln Precision Tig, both of which run SMAW very well, but the thing is they both have pretty low duty cycles, and if theres one thing I hate, its pushing a machine well over its limits... And knowing you're doing it. But to be fair, waiting on a welder to cool down is no fun either.

    I decided I needed a machine with a higher duty cycle, and this lunchbox-sided inverter will do 200 amps at ONE HUNDRED PERCENT duty cycle!! I thought that was VERY impressive. It'll do 250 amps at 60%, but to be honest, I don't even know what I'd do with 250 amps. I've been thinking it might be cool to get a carbon arc-torch and do a little gouging with this thing.

    And, I should mention that this is my first ever inverter welder, ****, I'd never even welded with one before!! My old high school has a fleet of dial-arcs and idealarcs, some syncrowaves from the 1980s, etc. No inverters there, and althought I have plenty of expierence with plasma cutting with my two inverter-based plasmas, I'd never welded with one before.

    Holy cow, the fun I was missing out on!! Aside from adjusting the weld current (all the way down to 20 amps for scratch-start tig), you can also adjust the arc force (how much the arc "digs" into the metal, how forceful it is), and the "surge current" (Hot start, that WORKS).

    So far, Im really loving this little machine! I still have to try out that special 6010 port, but I dont have any 6010 here at home. I tried it with 6011,
    and yes, it runs that very nicely.

    Anyway, I made a couple videos here, Im sure there will be a LOT more to come:

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    Default Re: Got a new StickWeld 250!!

    Annnnnnd, video part two.

    Have a nice week, and Happy Welding everyone

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    Default Re: Got a new StickWeld 250!!

    What impresses me the most with these inverters, is the control over the puddle they have. Back in the old days we only had control over the puddle with arc length, and rod angle, now these inverters do everything for you!

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