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    Default Big Migs to look for

    Well, if any of my job applications pan out, I hope to be adding a mig to the fleet before long. I am looking on suggestions of used full sized Migs (250 class) to look out for. So far, my watch list consists of the L-tec/esab migmaster 250, and the hobart beta mig 250 (Just saw one for $450.. If I had the cash it would be in my shop now.. ) Miller and Lincoln would only be on the list if I found a real killer deal. Any other lesser known, but good Migs to keep my eye out for?
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    Default Re: Big Migs to look for

    I've never been around a Hobart Mig machine, and haven't heard a whole lot about them. Heard nothing but good things about ESAB Mig machines.
    No matter what you buy, try to get one with variable inductance! I had a Linde VI-206 for almost 10-years, it had variable inductance. Really nice option to have!
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    Miller Dynasty 300.
    Lincoln V350-Pro w/pulse.
    Lincoln LF-74 wire feeder.
    Lincoln SG Spool gun.

    2 Lincoln LN-25.
    1937 IdealArc-300.
    Everlast PowerArc 200ST.
    3 Lincoln SA-200s.
    Vantage 400
    1800 Ellis saw.
    Hypertherm Powermax 1250, CNC table.
    PROFAX Welding Positioner.
    JD2 model 3.

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    Default Re: Big Migs to look for

    I have a Hobart Handler 210 (does 210 amps) and I like it very much. It came with an accessory spool gun which is handy for stainless and aluminum. I usually use it with Argon/CO2 for steel but use 100% argon with aluminum. It also does fine with flux cored wire. It has a handle on top and is listed as portable but it does weigh 85 lbs. I have it mounted on my welding trailer with home brew winged bolts (hex head bolts with washers welded on.) When it won't reach the work ( I take the trailer out off road to get to gates, pens etc on my cattle ranch) I can pull the two bolts and carry the unit closer to the work. The really big floor model welders aren't all that easy to take off road and then hand cary.

    FWIW I don't have an engine driven welder. I have a 17,500 watt Generac electric start gasoline powered generator which powers my little welding trailer and its complement of equipment: 14 inch chop saw, dual 8 inch pedestal mounted grinder, vise, Lincoln tombstone AC-DC stick welder, HyperTherm Plasma Cutter, 240 volt air compressor, and an assortment of 4 1/2 and 7 inch hand held grinders etc, Oodles of convenience outlets for 120 VAC and 240 VAC. When there is 240 VAC available within 100 ft of the trailer with a compatible outlet (or matches one of my adaptors) I can plug the trailer into commercial power and run everything without running the generator. For example, when the trailer is parked inside my metal working shop.

    I might mention that the 240 volt 50 amp 100 ft extension cord (in two pieces, a short one 30+ feet and a long one 60+ feet) made by cutting up a used 100 ft cord) is a heavy sucker to carry very far.

    And to add a belt to the suspenders, the generator can power the house in the event that the propane fired automatic standby genset is inop or the two 1000 gal propane tanks are empty.

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