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    Default ex450!!!!

    I just want to gloat a little. I have owned my ex450 for 1year now. 60hrs on the clock. 35hrs snowblowing with a 72" rearmount. The rest either running a bush hog, or general around the Farm bucket work. Nothing but great things to say about it. Always starts even down to 0deg. Did the 50hr service myself in a couple hours with no swearing or tools getting tossed across the garage.
    So much nicer than the 1960 IH240 Utility it replaced and I dont miss laying under my rotted out plow truck trying to get it running in the middle of the storm either.

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    Glad to hear some more good comments on the new line. I think Cub finally got it right merging with Yanmar, I've seen nothing but good comments on the CCY's.
    I'm looking at the predecessor to your machine, an 8454....for some serious loader work and brushogging.....we'll see. pics??

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    Default Re: ex450!!!!

    The 8454 was Daedong same as old style DK40 (not SE) and the same basic chassis as DS4510 so if you cant find a used Cub you may want to check out used Kiotis.

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