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    I'm contemplating buying an EX450 TL in the very near future. I'd like to hear from current/prior owners on the following:

    1) How was the loader as far as capacity and durability?
    2) How was the transmission with shuttle shift?
    3) Any warranty issues?
    4) Would you buy it again?

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    Welcome to TBN.

    I don't have an Ex450 but there are a few people on the board that do that will hopefully answer your questions. My experience with my ccy Sc2400 has been great. The dealer I bought it from, Knightdale Tractor in Knightdale, NC, has been great also. When I've ordered parts they are normally at the dealer in a few days and the dealer has nothing but good things to say about Yanmar. So regarding your would you buy it again question, I would buy another Yanmar in a heart beat.

    Here's a thread on a member that bought a Ex450:

    One thing to look at between the Lx450 and the Ex450 is the loader. The CL600 that comes on the Lx450 is far more superior to the CL400 that is on the Ex450. I'm not sure what the difference in the tractor is but it looks like the CL600 is a better loader.

    Specs on Ex450

    Specs on Lx450
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