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    Default Re: LX series parking brake

    Quote Originally Posted by NHSawyer View Post
    I have also driven off with the parking brake on more times than I would like to admit. I am getting better about it though.
    I despaired of ever getting any better. I get so engrossed in what I am doing during getting on and off the tractor I just forget. That is why I lock the single brake really hard, none of this slap at it stuff, I press hard and feel for the latch click.

    Then when I get on and hit the go lever, the tractor pulls to the left. I don't drive that way very long

    My truck sets the horn off when I open the door with the truck in reverse. It freaks me out every time so I don't want to try a horn to solve this parking brake problem. Some kind of obnoxious beeper would be good. If they can cause the engine to stop when you get off the seat they ought to be able to rig the emergency brake so a whistle or obnoxious beeper or something like that would go off when engaging the clutch with parking brake on.

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    Default Re: LX series parking brake

    Quote Originally Posted by Raised on a Deere View Post
    Just the other day going down a hill somewhat at an angle the upper rear tire wanted to start slipping and let the tractor run away. A light application of the uphill brake controlled it in just the needed amount. Various turns go smoother with the inside of the turn brake applied slightly. ...

    Well because the down hill front was on a high spot. A little pressure on the down hill brake and I was moving again which some of you probably would just use the differential lock but not a good thing to do while the tire is spinning. The brake was much smoother and quicker.
    ...and this is the stuff you don't just learn on the fly sometimes. I remember at 8yrs old being told the same brake dynamics by a pretty smart fella. If I hadn't been told I may have never figured it out and just got stuck alot.
    Another example of how this forum is priceless to rookies and vets alike.

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