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    Default Compression Testing

    Can anyone tell me if this will work?

    I have a compression tester that goes to 300 psi. I have been able to screw the end of the compression tester into the fuel intake port of one of my old injectors.

    If I remove the needle in the old injector will that work? Or should I remove the entire middle section of the lower injector? Better yet is there any way this could work. I realize I could have way more than 300 psi but if you think this will work all I will have to do is purchase a 5 or 600 psi gauge.

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    Default Re: Compression Testing

    You can completely gut your injector and do it that way. We used to do it like that. Or you can buy one of our compression test adaptors for about $15 and not worry about damaging your injector if yours are still good. I think our kit has a gauge that goes to 1000psi.

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