Yanmar 1510 D need lift parts lanceb1b(OKC, OK) 8/8/01 5:53 pm


I am in need of some parts for my YANMAR 1510D. If you follow (x-ray
eyes)the lift handle down into the casing (valve assembly) you will
see a metal plate with three holes. A ball bearing rides in these
holes to give your lift a detent for up, down and neutral position. I
need the ball bearing, the spring (that goes inside the drilled bolt)
it holds pressure between the ball and metal plate with three holes
and the drilled 12mm bolt (that screws through housing). I would also
like a gasket for the entire top housing assembly (it was leaking
before). I have no idea how the bolt and spring got so messed up. Any
help would be much appreciated. need: A ball bearing The spring
The drilled 12mm screw Assembly gasket

Re: Yanmar 1510 D need lift parts jeff_rey_30747(Summerville,
GA) 8/8/01 9:56 pm

I had a similar if not the same problem on my 186D(US equivalent of
1510D)last year. Best I can tell, the lift arm lever had been sprung
out of spec as a result of a rollover by DPO. I replaced the retainer
bolt, spring and ball detent initially only to damage these parts
upon trying to use the lift. I replaced the parts again along with
the lift lever and the assembly now functions correctly. My advice is
to check out clearance between yoke on lift arm and retainer bolt
carefully before reassembling. Also, high temp RTV silicone is an
acceptable substitute for cover gasket if used sparingly. Drop me an
email if I can be of any assistance, Jeff

Re: Yanmar 1510 D need lift parts lanceb1b
(31/M/OKC, OK) 8/8/01 11:34 pm

Where did you find the parts? I am in OKC any suggestions. The "Grey
Dealer"'s parts guy said its all unavailable..

Re: Yanmar 1510 D need lift parts jeff_rey_30747
(30/M/Summerville, GA) 8/9/01 8:25 am

Lensheaf who posts here on this board should be able to get those
parts for you if they are indeed available. I ordered mine through my
local dealer who posts here on occasion as ccequip. Most dealers can
order direct from Yanmar and have it drop shipped to you via UPS. The
parts for your tractor may be different #s than mine. I don't know
since I don't have a parts book for a 1510D. If you do happen to need
the lever, brace yourself because it is pricey (seems like it was