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    Default Trouble getting Parts

    I guess it had to happen. I've never had any trouble before and I'm the kind of guy who orders odd ball stuff like decals, emblems, complete seal sets, and a spare fuel shut me a fanatic if you will...or maybe just a hobbyist. Those parts houses must love me.
    Like a lot of Yammerhammer guys, I have a set of factory parts books (ordered them from Yanmar, natch) and I cruise the pages like a shopper at the mall.
    True, some of the weird tools and body parts have to be backordered from somewhere and doesn't show up as quickly as repair parts do, but 3 weeks is about as long as it ever took before.
    So imagine how I thought when the months rolled by and not only did I not get those seat parts (I'll write about which seat parts this evening)....but I didn't even get a confirmation of my order. They didn't even cash my check! This all started last Fall, and by now I was wondering if I had dreamed it all up. But there was the hole in my checkbook which was still messing up my checking account.
    So I'm sitting in the cabin last night doing the taxes when what do you think should fall out of the old invoices? That's right. My order....still in the sealed envelop -, stamped, never sent, and just misplaced.
    I tore up the check, balanced my checkbook, and then thought I'd better let you all know about the trouble I've been having getting my Yanmar parts.

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    Default Re: Trouble getting Parts

    you're okay. As long as you don't open your parts book six months from now and have your taxes fall out. [img]/w3tcompact/icons/shocked.gif[/img] LOL


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    Default Re: Trouble getting Parts

    Roger -

    Thanks for sharing that one. [img]/w3tcompact/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

    I did something similar with a traffic ticket many years ago. It was a simple 5 mph over the speed limit thing. No big deal -- I wrote the check and mailed it off the day I received the ticket. When I was later summoned to court I was furious. I ranted to the judge about how I was being punished for the inept bungling of the court's clerical help, losing the check I had mailed in. He wasn't impressed, of course, and I had to pay the original ticket again plus the penalty.

    Weeks later, I put on a coat that I don't wear very often, and guess what I found in the inside pocket?

    Wasted a stamp, too.

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