More on Horsepower roger_scotty(Colorado) 8/6/01 9:17 am

"Just for the record, the JD950 is called a 28hp"

Well, that works out pretty well with what hosejockey said about the
950 being twice the size of the YM155. In fact, as far as horsepower
goes the 950 may be more than twice the size. For horsepower we can
take our choice of three common standards: US advertising literature,
the Nebraska tests, and the Yanmar company grey model number. JD uses
the Nebraska tests for HP, as measured at the PTO. The Nebraska test
figures also line up pretty well with the Yanmar company grey market
models(first two numbers in the model number). However, the US
Yanmars - the ones with the 3 digit model number - seem to have used
the US advertising agency method of calculating HP, because they are
about 20% optomistic compared with the same motor used elsewhere.
Does anyone know if the US Yanmars were ever tested at Nebraska?

Re: More on Horsepower danny_35171(Thorsby Al) 8/7/01 2:35 pm

You can go to the web site and check on the test, I think they charge
now to see the test. You could see them for free until a couple of
years ago. P.T.O. hp YM240 19.76 YM226 19.42 YM276 23.00 YM336 26.98


Re: More on Horsepower roger_scotty(Colorado) 8/7/01 11:42 pm

Thanks for the Yanmar Nebraska Test info, Danny. It fits right in
with what I was expecting from the US models...which is that you need
to knock about 20% off of the first two digits of the model number to
get to the PTO hp. The US models were apparently rated in the
best "Madison Avenue" tradition, while my bet is that grey market
Yanmars develop the PTO HP that is indicated by the model mumber.
I'll admit that it is all just a guess, but is based on comparing the
JD compact specs and also tests on similar Yanmar industrial engines.