Cant make myself spell the entire word anymore, but this is good info for drive shaft adjustment

Bush Hog Drive Shaft adjustment needed" leebugfive 8/7/01 3:48 pm

Folks I noticed that after I installed the clutch on the PTO drive
shaft (which works fine) the bottom of the plastic tube on the bush
hog drive is striking the top deck of the hog, when the hitch is
raised. The KingKutter has a plastic tube with the name Curocardan on
it. Either I am failing to compensate for the extra length from the
clutch, or I just got something out of adjustment, like the top link
on the hitch. How do I adjust to raise as far as possible, yet
prevent the tube from striking the hog top deck? Thanks for your
help. (feel dumb asking these questions that are simple to most, when
others are asking how to fix really serious problems)

Bush-hog shaft adjustment Tractors4u(Athens Alabama)
8/7/01 4:23 pm

You do need to make sure that the universal joints and the shaft as a
whole isn't binding when you raise the bush-hog. You could have
serious PTO damage if it does.

Re: Shaft Adjustment efcconstruction(Pasco Wa) 8/7/01 5:01 pm

With the hog fully raised you should be able to disconnect your PTO
shaft. If you cant then the shaft is fully collapsed and your clutch
is taking up to much room. Watch out, if you lift it all the way up
and the shaft is fully collapsed then it could break your PTO

re shaft adjustment leebugfive 8/7/01 6:35 pm

When the hitch is full up the hog top deck hits the plastic tube
and "depresses" the tube slightly
(in other words, I have done it several times and the plastic isn't
scored, scratched, dented, etc.). After these replies, I am scared to
lift it all the way to see if the shaft will disconnect, afraid that
it will break the PTO housing, you know. If I just ease it up with
the tractor stopped, until it bottoms out, do you think that will be
o.k. to do once, to check and see if the shaft will disconnect. Clyde
in South Carolina......

Re: Shaft adjustment roger_scotty(Colorado) 8/7/01 11:48 pm

Clyde, on mine I lowered it, slipped the PTO coupling off of the
tractor PTO shaft, and then lifted the hog all the way up. Held the
disconnected and collapsed PTO shaft in position by hand and slid it
together until I was satisfied that I had more than enough slop in
the sliding fit so that I wouldn't break the PTO and housing. I think
I remember than I hacksawed a couple of inches off of the inner shaft
just to make double sure. Check it lowered don't want the
shaft falling apart...ugh!

Re: Shaft Adjustment lensheaf( Dixon, Il) 8/8/01 12:35 am

Disconnect shaft raise mower all the way. See if you can put shaft
on . If it is too long you'll need to shartem the mower shaft ends.

Re: Shaft Adjustment leebugfive 8/8/01 7:40 am

I did what you suggested and I could NOT reconnect the shaft at the
PTO, with the hitch fully raised. Since I am not going to tamper with
a tractor still in warranty, what I did was limit the up travel to a
point where the tube does not strike the deck, and where the shaft
can be attached and removed from the PTO freely. Will it be o.k. to
operate the hog in this manner until I can get the tube shortened?
Thanks - Clyde in SC

Re: Shaft Adjustment lensheaf( Dixon, Il) 8/8/01 8:53 am


Re: Shaft Adjustment pennwalk(Lancaster PA) 8/7/01 7:28 pm

The shaft is probably Eurocardian made in Italy they actually have a
web site. One good source is Agri Supply ( They
are in North Carolina but they have an 800 number and ship all over.
They are way cheaper than the local guys around me. Tractor Supply
company (TSC) stocks some of the shafts. I wonder if the clutch
changes the angle of the shaft to the deck so that when you raise it
up the bell shaped boot on the mower end of the shaft rubs the deck.
There is an adjustment on my tractor for how high the rock shafts
raise. You want to make sure that you don't bind up your PTO shaft. I
wondered if that is what contributed to my twisting a PTO shaft. That
is something I highly recommend avoiding both because it is real
scary and because the darned shafts are expensive. Chris

Re: Shaft Adjustment lensheaf
(50/M/320 Palmyra Rd, Dixon, Il) 8/7/01 11:49 pm

If it is hitting the top of the deck , you need to shorten the top
link. This will also raise the back of the mower