All, the JD 650 I have is 4WD, all works except low range second and high range 5th. Was looking to either live with this or possibly fix for under grand. Ebay has a salvage tractor, rear end and transmission from a 2WD. It is at 400.00 with no bids. I was wondering, would'nt most of the gears all be the same. I know some of the shafts and some gears are obsolute. Was thinking about trying to get less than 400. and have on hand for when I get it looked at. I was quoted from a great mechanic 60.00 hour labor rate x8 hours. So if I had the parts, it would'nt be to expensive. My 4Wd works, I also have taken the gear shifter off, looked at everything that I could, got a mirror out and slid it in and the shifting forks look good, so I think it is a slider gear that is wrong. Would it be better to just have it broken into and see if Yanmar has a cross-reference gear for it if it happens to be an obsolute gear. I used to own a 1300 Yanmar, but traded it on this tractor; I knew what was wrong with it, but the price was very cheap, and I got 3500.00 For my YANMAR 1300, non 4wd.