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    Default YM2210 Cranking Problem

    Being lazy & stupid I ran my 2210 out of fuel. Thought I could make one more pass before having to go to the service station. I refuled and bled the line and it cranked. Only problem is, now I have to bleed the fuel line every time I want to crank it when the engine is cold. What am I missing?

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    Default Re: YM2210 Cranking Problem

    Don't beat yourself up too bad- we've all done it . It sounds like you just have a little leak somewhere. Double check all of the orings & seal that you opened to bleed it the 1st time. The bleeder screws, for example, use tiny plastic or rubber washers under them to seal the fuel. Be sure they are all there & in good shape. Also check your fuel bowl o-ring if you loosened the bowl.

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