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    Default Radiator flush

    After having my 2210 for 2 years I decided to do a fast flush on the radiator. I removed the antifreeze and filled the radiator with fresh water and added the flush as directed. Ran the tractor 15 min and drained . Filled with just fresh water and ran tractor for 15 min and drained(did this 3 times) The water still came out off color after 3 water flushes. Is this normal? I decide to go ahead and add new antifreeze and distill water at a 50/50 mix. I also use Fleet and it was a purple color diesel rated antifreeze. i did notice it does run a little cooler on 100% water versus the 50/50 mix. Anything I should do about the off color water next time?

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    Default Re: Radiator flush

    hi passgas55, I will suggest the next time you try rinsing out the engine block first and foremost. Why, well that is where the rust is formed and most likely has the greatest build up.

    Easily done by removing top and bottom radiator hoses. Then use a garden hose with a decent stream nozzle too break loose and rinse out the build up within the engine block. First you will get rust color, then black, then it should run clear. Keep alternating from the top and bottom inlets. It took me 20 minutes plus on mine before the block ran clear.
    Repeat with the radiator using a garden hose, but without a nozzle.

    The chemical is ok but the above steps with remove the residue much faster and more thoroughly.


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