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    Yanmar YM 1500 (2WD)

    Default Yanmar YM 1500 FEL Advice

    I am now a proud new owner of a Yanmar YM 1500 (2WD) tractor. I am pleased as punch about the little thing... I don't think I could be happier about the performance. I am researching the expansion of its capabilities by adding a front end loader.

    My preference is to find a used one for obvious $$ reasons. I was wondering if anyone has investigated which manufacturers, past and present, and specific model numbers are compatible with this machine? DIY is also an option and I am going through some of the existing threads on that topic, so any advice on that or direction to specific threads that may be useful would be great.

    Again, any advice is greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Yanmar YM 1500 FEL Advice

    Congratulations. You have a great toy, oops-tool there.

    I have a 1500D and can't imagine not having a loader on it. I assume you have seen the threads that advise that 4wd is preferable for these little tractors with a loader. Going downhill with a load on can be a memorable experience if you need to stop. That said, loading the rear tires and putting extra weight on the rear will help.

    My loader is a Bison, which is apparently a rare breed. I have never seen the brand mentioned on any of these forums. It seems to be well built. I found the manufacturer's website a few years ago and it seems my model is no longer manufactured.

    Some of the dealers here will likely chime in with some specific recommendations.

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    Default Re: Yanmar YM 1500 FEL Advice

    i have a hymari fel with my ym1510 (2wd). You need a LOT of weight on the back - I have a transport box (5 foot) with 6 or 8 renault full size tractor weights in it - and thats JUST enough.

    I used ot have a 50 gallon oil barrel filled with water - that was just enough.

    Fill the fel bucket with soil (dry) and its difficult to turn.

    That said - its great having a fel, and I cant see any reason why not to have one - cept cost :-) its been a HUGE help round here - from moving soil, light digging, scraping, flattening of roads, loading and un loading etc etc

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