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    Hello,Im new to this forum. I have a YM1820D with a fel,rops & 6+14&9.5+24 tires that are reversed & loaded. My question is should I stick with a 5ft boxblade or can I use a 6footer. I do have hilly property. Great Forum THanks for the help.

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    I have a YM2002D with a 54" Gannon box blade. It is all I can handle. My tractor is rated about 24hp. I would think 5' would be your top limit, maybe a little to much.

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    What is the general composition of the soil you will be working with? In the extremely rocky soil I have in western WA, I'd be pushing it with a five foot box blade. My 1820D and a four footer does a good job in my applications. My gut is that you would be at the extreme limits of your tractor if you used the six foot box blade. Of course, if all you worked with was sand and gravel and were not doing agressive digging with the tines, you may be fine.

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    Hey Richard welcome.
    Now this is just my opinion. I'm sure you will hear from others also. I Own a
    a YM 2000 24hp.2wd and I use a 5ft BB. no problems works good. We picked up a YM 2500 30hp.2wd this yr. After using the 2500 I would not hesitate a 6ft. But on my 2000 I would stick with my 5ft. I know your 4wd. but alittle less hp. so IMO which everyone has one. I would say stick with the 5ft. When your loaded or bogged down the front is lightening up anyways with not much trac.


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    I read that you have a FEL... then I would assume moving of dirt would be done with it, so if the box scrape is primarily being used for leveling and flattening things out and you're really not going to be moving full loads of dirt with the box, but more so to want to cover more ground in one pass then I would say the 6 ft would be OK, however as mentioned if you do decide to start droping the bucket to the max and you do intend to use it to move full loads of earth? then I would stick with the 5ft. it was most likely match to the tractor,.... I have the 4 ft. box and been thinking of getting a 5ft. but first I think I'm going to try barrowing one to see if my tractor can handle it, I might suggest that you try a 6ft out before buying one,
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    My yanmar pulls a 4 footer. At 19hp, it is perfect for it. I'd say 5 foot for light grading, 4 foot for heavy use and digging deep.
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    I suggest 4ft, 6ft will be to much if loaded with dirt or plowing with the teeth.
    I run a 4ft on a YM2001 23.5 HP but the 5ft would work if I wasn't pulling a full load with it. Plus my tractor is 48" and I like the box the same as to avoid hitting trees, etc with the boxscrape, if my tractor will go through it the attachments will as well.

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