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    Default RS1400 guards/skirts. Need to fabricate a pair

    Tilled with my Rs1400 for the first time a couple of days ago. Tho it's a little larger than recommended for my 1610D & the soil here is black gumbo, all went well. The tiller did a good job & the tractor didn't protest as long as I didn't try to take too deep a bite.

    However; the tiller is missing the side tine guards or skirts and leaves a high ridge of soil on both sides of the tiller. Made for a lot of extra work finishing off the rows. (I like to leave untilled strips between my rows for walking/working.)

    If any of you could post a pic of your guard/skirt--- (maybe while taking pic's for the show off your tiller thread,)-- & the general dimensions for it. I would greatly appreciate it. Seems like they should be pretty easy to fabricate & would make for a cleaner till.

    Thanks Bob.

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    Default Re: RS1400 guards/skirts. Need to fabricate a pair

    This is an RS1300, don't know whether guards would be same as yours or not. 15-1/4" long point to long point, 11-1/2" short point to short point, holes and slots 7/16", 2 end holes 4-3/4" cc, middle hole 8-1/4" from left to center, 7" from right to center, If you run a straight edge thru the middle of the center hole the top of the top slot and bottom of the bottom slot will be centered on the straight edge. There is a radius to the slots, don't know what it is. Slots are 2-3/4" long and start 1/2" from edge. The slots are re-enforced on the back side with appx 1/8" metal strip. Guard is appx 1/16" metal but has formed perimiter to add strength. I think 1/8" metal would be plenty strong. Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: RS1400 guards/skirts. Need to fabricate a pair

    I would make a template and have the pair cut out of 3/16 steel...that way they will last

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