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    For years I have searched for the Yanmar green paint and gave up, after 30 some years of looking at dents,scratches and rust I finally decided that there had to be a paint produced that was close enough and there was GM Chevy Camaro paint code 43. This is a work in progress just thought I would share this.
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    Now that is some kinda pretty!

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    That is the first good solution to the problem I have ever seen. It looks more 'correct' for a tractor, to my eye, than the weathered color I see on my Yanmar today. It looks like you found the color they intended to use!

    I've seen a similar green, slightly lighter, on Kawaski motorcycles that might look good on these tractors too.

    And there was a Chrysler hemi green back in the day, that would be a close match.
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    This paint can be found at Touch Up Paint, Aerosol Spray Paint and Paint Touch Up Accessories. It is for 1970 Chevy paint code 43 for the base coat in a spray can, and the clear can be Duplicolor top coat. This is the quickest and easiest way without having to take a sample in and finding someone to mix it.

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    Very nice paint job ...I like the color green Matches a praying mantis LOL

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    With that paint job, it looks like a new tractor!
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    Quote Originally Posted by winston1 View Post
    Now that is some kinda pretty!
    Can not improve on that comment.
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    That looks very nice.

    Question, on my YM186D, which is red, the emblem on the front center says 'Yanmar Red'

    What does it say on the green ones?

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    The emblem does not say anything, it is a "Y" on chrome plastic w/ black and red background.

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