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    Default Yanmar 336D Power Steering Leak - top seal

    Hello All:

    First post to this forum so here goes:

    Wondering what would cause a power steering (p/s) leak from the top seal area of my p/s box? There is a large tube bolted to the p/s unit that goes up to the steering wheel. I suspect the seal is leaking but I am wondering if anyone can tell me WHY? Have not taken apart as yet but started leaking after I was running it in creeper gear back and forth trying to line up the frame mounted backhoe. Involved lots of full turn use of steering wheel. Tractor has never leaked in the p/s area or system before. Seems ODD that it would just start out of no where. Not pouring out but a good leak, about 1/4 cup of hydraulic fluid or less an hour, enough to get all over the transmission and etc within 5 minutes of cleaning it all up. I have changed the hydraulic fluid with in the last 100 hours of use. Quality specked fluid and new quality name brand filter.

    • What do I need to order?
    • Any tricks or advice?
    • What caused the leak?
    • Why did it start so fast?

    All in all a GREAT tractor! Real work horse and then some.

    Also looking for a gear housing for a Bush Hog model 255 - obsolete according to the manufacture, "Glad I bought a NAME brand" Hum..........

    Thanks for the help,
    Ken C

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    Default Re: Yanmar 336D Power Steering Leak - top seal

    Did you leave it out in the rain?

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    Default Re: Yanmar 336D Power Steering Leak - top seal

    send Danny an e- mail or call him Untitled he should be able get you what you need

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