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    Default Slow return valve stuck

    While operating my bush hog I noticed that speed of travel down was kinda slow so I adjusted my return valve to a faster setting which wasn't much of an adjustment, maybe a couple of degrees. It would only move slightly. Now the rate of decent borders on damaging the bush hog if I'm not careful. So I figured I would reset it back to it's original position. It won't move, it's like it's frozen. Is there a way to relieve the pressure so that this valve will operate correctly, I just don't have the guts to use a persuader on it. Any help here is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Slow return valve stuck

    I would start with penetrating oil where the lever enters the housing, in case it is just frozen up at that point.

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    Default Re: Slow return valve stuck

    Penetrating oil is always a good start, after that, try it--if it doesn't start moving easily, there is some mechanical block. It may be just corrosion, or an o-ring that has decayed and is torn up and in the way. Finally there could be a metal piece from higher upstream that broke and went down stream and is now caught. Something that should move easily has a problem and shouldn't be forced---if you force it, it might work, then again you might be buying a valve and have an unusable tractor till it comes in.

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