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    Default Battery Not Charging

    I have an F15D and the battery isn't charging.
    I have read allot of stories about the voltage regulators going bad very easy, and I have searched through endless posts about charging.
    The tractor has 340 hours on it and is in very good shape.
    Is their anything I could test / check before I order a voltage regulator? I cleaned and checked the battery terminals and everything seems to be OK but it still won't charge.
    I guess my next step is to order a new regulator from Aaron.
    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Battery Not Charging

    Can you charge the battery with a charger? Does the alternator put out? I would take the battery and have it checked at an auto parts dealer. Buy a gauge and see how the alternator is doing.

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    Default Re: Battery Not Charging

    Be sure to test your alternator with the meter set on AC (like your house not your car). Those tiny alternators charge, if I rember right, about 14VAC (the regulator turns it into 14VDC). If you dont have any loose connections, my money is on that pesky regulator. They are well known for going bad.

    Hope this helps,

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