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    Default Yanmar TF500

    Short story: Yanmar TF500 is Castrol UTF with red color addative per Yanmar.

    Long story: bought a new EX3200, but it has the wrong hose fittings on the CL300 FEL to Yanmar quick disconnects and leaks fluid. Dealer did not have Yanmar TF500 or Cub Cadet 737-3025 trany/hydralic oil. Called Yanmar Customer Service and explained the situation. Of course, they said I had to use TF500 or the Cub Cadet oil. I told them that they did not have it and explained the there has to be another fluid to use. He repeated that I needed to use eith of those oils. I explained that that was like saying you could only use GM oil in a GM vehicle or Ford oil in a Ford to maintain the vehicle or the warranty. He was silent for a couple of seconds and the n said what's your number, I'll call you right back. About 10 minutes latter he called back and said it was Castrol UTF.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Yanmar TF500

    I think universal tractor fluid has pretty much replaced all name brand hyd oils that I am aware of standardization is good. There are some maybe Cat comes to mind or MIL spec applications that have special additive packages but who really knows?

    That doesn't surprise me their special oil turns out to be UTF the older Yanmars use it also but thanks for posting that someone here with a CCY will benefit from your experience no doubt!
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    Default Re: Yanmar TF500

    I think Kioti has its own special oil that UTF does not meet the specs, pretty much everything else from the 60s takes UTF.
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    Default Re: Yanmar TF500

    Quote Originally Posted by clemsonfor View Post
    I think Kioti has its own special oil that UTF does not meet the specs, pretty much everything else from the 60s takes UTF.
    yeah but one has to be different........
    Paul YM1500 & YM14 MkII

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    Default Re: Yanmar TF500

    Did a little more research. Most states have laws that ban the use of 'branded' oils to maintain the warranty. Ex: GM branded oil only in a GM vehicle, Ford 'branded' oil in a Ford, etc.

    Your right on the companies trying to get an extra buck out of you.

    It would be nice if there was a page/thread setup for each brand of tractor listing substitute fluids just for that tractor. Real easy to look up in a hurry!

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