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    Default Re: Replacing FEL controls with Aftermarket - double or single stick

    Ok, TSC has every kind of Quick Disconnect I can imagine and a good variety of swivels and fittings. But little in the area of adapting up from one size thread to another; nothing suitable.

    I also went into the local Parker Hydraulic Hose&/Fittings shop. The very experienced counterman said it would take an expensive and ugly string of fittings to adapt up from -6 to -8 (Threads 9/16" > 3/4", both with O-ring on face.) I asked about just putting -8 ends on my hoses and he said about $15 each, cheaper and cleaner than adapters and the best alternative in his opinion. When the valve arrives I'll take it in there with the hoses and probably use that alternative.

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    Default Re: Replacing FEL controls with Aftermarket - double or single stick

    That's going to be the best fix with little to go wrong later imo just a bit more mess and work now. Now lets hope the valve does what you want it too.
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