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    Default Yanmar 276D stops cold - twice

    My 276D is set up for snow plowing. Two storms ago after about 5 minutes of warm up I'm in reverse and the machine stops - like I backed into a tree (no tree). Restarted and all worked well. This weekend it happened again after about the same amount of warm up time. I guess I got the clutch in on time because it didn't stall this time. Anyone have any idea why?

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    Default Re: Yanmar 276D stops cold - twice

    A drop of water in the fuel? I can't think of anything else that could be that sudden, and then resume.

    Does that model have a shutdown solenoid?

    A too tight gas cap - no vent - can prevent fuel flowing and cause a shutdown but you would also see the sides of the tank sucked in.

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    Default Re: Yanmar 276D stops cold - twice

    So what was the cause? AFAIK there is no shutdown solenoid in that model. I like the non-vented fuel tank idea; it just sort of appeals to how I imagine the events unfolding.
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