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    Default Re: YM 3110 Warning Lights.

    Thunderheart if you have the old version of the regulator Carey referenced - take it to Autozone and tell them to set their tester for '72 Datsun'.

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    Default Re: YM 3110 Warning Lights.

    Yep! Come to think about it the previous replaced my old Reg. with a new Solid State and the old one turned out to be good. It's still in my dash. The way I found out it was good was a parts store checked the SS. and it tested bad. The problem I was having was my charge would Blink intermittingly but showed 14.25 until the Chrg. light would start to blink. So it was charging and ended up being a bad connection on the fuse panel. It was a 10A. on my 2000 but another Dia. I believe is like your 3110 says 5A. I cleaned and tightend the connections up that was this time of Yr. in 08 when I bought it and haven't had a problem since. I'd check that

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