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    Default Fuel delivery problem, 1602D HELP!

    Long time visiter to this forum. I have not posted for help before, could usually figure out the small problems I have had with my 1602 D. Well, not this time! I parked my 1602 last week after tilling a few gardens for neighbor friends. Was running just fine. This morning, it would not start. Thermal start system was working, fully charged batt. etc. This was the first morning of cold weather around here, about 23 degrees outside even at 9am. I guessed water in the fuel system because of the no starting problem, and cold temps. After pulling the tractor to my heated shed to warm up, still no luck. I pulled and cleaned the fuel bowl, (hate to admit the filter was very dirty, and should have been serviced long ago)bled fresh fuel from the bleeder screw at the pump. Still No luck starting. Then....I cracked 2 of the three injector line fittings loose to see if fuel was makeing it from the pump thru the steel injector lines to the injectors themselves. NO FUEL spurts from the steel injector lines at the injectors when I spin the motor over with the compression release knob pulled. Do I have a bad pump? If so, I would be very surprised because it was running just fine when parked last week. Please help if you can.
    Jim P

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    Default Re: Fuel delivery problem, 1602D HELP!

    I will post to my own question. I have owned this tractor 2.5 years, and have worked it very hard with a box blade, 4 foot rhino brush mower on 12 acres of old farm land, boom pole, tiller and a blade for the service roads.
    I guess my wife and I had a little to much fun dressed as goblins last night. (just a few beers!) My hang over most likely contributed to me over-looking the fact I had the fuel shut-off knob pulled out all morning while fooling around with this 1602. I just returned from the shed, and it started right up. The good news from this whole blunder is that the fuel system finnaly got serviced!!!
    I almost think this darn Yanmar has been so reliable that I felt it must have broke or had some type of problem. Turns out, the only problem was cobwebs in the operators brain. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
    Thanks, Jim P, the machinefarmer

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    Default Re: Fuel delivery problem, 1602D HELP!

    Congrats! Know you are relieved.

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