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    A few days ago I was walking out to my brand spanking new garage with fresh concrete. It was 5:00 AM with a new layer of fresh snow. For some reason along the way I started smelling diesel fuel. At first I thought it was my work jacket, because I spend alot of time crawling around the fuel tanks of Boeing 737's. The only thing is, I don't wear my jacket in there. When I got to the garage and opened the door, the stench was over powering. I knew it wasn't me then. I could see the line of fuel running straight to the floor drains. (At least they did a good job when they did the floor.) My first thought was that the fuel line came off again. I shut off the fuel valve and went to work. Checking it out after work I could see that the bowl has a very slight crack that is allowing the fuel to seep out. Luckily, I have access to some really cool chemicals that allow me to install a temporary repair until I get around to replacing the bowl. The whole 5 gallons of diesel went down the drain and ran down my driveway. That cleanup is underway. The big lesson I learned here is that the fuel shut off valve at the bowl is there for a reason. I now make it a point to use it every time I put the tractor away. I hope that I can save somebody some grief by posting about my mistakes. E.M.

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    sounds to me like you had water in the bowl. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

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    I believe you are correct about the water. It was a fresh fill up the night before. When I pulled the bowl, I could have sworn that I saw ice crystals in there, but just chocked it up to my imagination.

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