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    Default YM2000 charge light blinking!

    Help! This thing is driving me nuts! While replacing a battery in my YM2000, I inadvertantly toasted the voltage regulator. Neither the charge light or the oil light on the dash would come on when I turned the key, even though the tractor would start. I read on this forum where a voltage regulator for a 1972 datsun truck would work so I tried it. Yep, it bolted right up and the plug matched perfectly. The only problem is that my battery "charge" light blinks ALL the time!

    I put a multimeter on the battery and it tests 13.02v w/o the motor running. With the motor running, it tests 14.67v. I talked to one of the guys over at Hoye tractor where I get parts when I need them and he said he thought that it was an indication of overcharging.

    I ordered a "factory" voltage regulator from Aaron over there for $79 but I sure would have liked to make my $29 Datsun regulator work.

    Any suggestions before I bolt on the high dollar part to see if it fixes it? (I know I could take the bulb out, I already thought of that!)

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    Default Re: YM2000 charge light blinking!

    I would take the new regulator *and* the alternator to AutoZone to test. They both should test equivalent to '72 Datsun.

    I suspect the new regulator is not the problem at this point. I wouldn't open the second regulator package until you have checked this.

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    Default Re: YM2000 charge light blinking!

    14.7 is a normal voltage, at least on some of the the delco 10-si alternators I've seen. Put an ammeter in line with the alternator to see what tthe charge rate is.. if the amperage tapers off after start.. it isn't being overcharged... 14.x volts on a 12v battery isn't too bad a thing. My dodge truck doesn't have yellow zone on the volmeter untill 15v.. with 16-18 in the red.. same for my ford van..

    Make sure the vr has a good common ground reference with the alternator.. a dirty ground CAN cause higher voltage and overcharging.


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