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    Default hydraulic fluid capacity

    I have a YM2200 that has lost hydraulic power, so I am in the process of cleaning the filter and changing the hydraulic and transmission fluid. I am having a hard time figuring out how much fluid to put in. After draining all the transmission fluid, I still had several quarts come out when I pulled the cover plate over the hydraulic filter (surprise!!!) My hydraulic 3 pt lift seems to be a separate box from the transmission with its own drain plug. The FEL is hooked to this box as well, thru a series of bushings where there might once have been a dipstick. The dealer believes the transmission and hydraulics share the same fluid, but this does not seem to be the case for this model. Anyone know this particular setup and how much fluid to put in? Would be especially nice to know how far below the lip to fill it as I can then check it later.
    John Churchill
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    Default Re: hydraulic fluid capacity

    There should be a drainplug at the lowest point, which would be the rear differential. Differential, hydraulics and transmission all share the same fluid. Buy a 5 gal. can and fill to the full mark on transmission dipstick.

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    Default Re: hydraulic fluid capacity

    Some of the YM2200's have a separate compartment and some don't. The one with the separate compartment has a drain plug right next to the 4 bolts that you removed to take the filter screen out, the head is 17m. It also has a dip stick that unscrews on the top near the rear of the compartment. Use a hydraulic fluid that meets JD 303 specifications in the transmission & the Hydraulic compartment.
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