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    Default A Little Loss of Power

    Thanks for the info on the ignition. It works fine. I will be ordering a switch from Hoye soon. The electrical diagram helped out alot.

    New question. I was doing some plowing today and I noticed that around the fuel filter I was getting a little leakage. In addition, after about 45 minutes I noticed the tractor behaving as if it was about to stall. It started to feel as if it was about to cut off, as if it wasn't getting enough gas. How can I trouble shoot fututhis?

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    Default Re: A Little Loss of Power

    I would start by:

    1) turn the fuel bowl lever to OFF. Remove fuel bowl, nut, O ring, filter and spring and examine for cracks, dirt and replace anything that looks questionable.

    2) Re-assemble fuel bowl assembly, turn fuel lever to ON and bleed top left Phillips cap screw...let bleed for several seconds until all air is gone. Then do the same with the top right cap screw. Then do the same at the injector pump fuel banjo fitting, eliminating all the air from the fuel lines.

    3) Remove, clean or replace air filter element and clean out the canister filter holder.

    The majority of the time it is usually fuel or air the creates loss of power, poor performance and hard starting.

    Glad the wiring schematic helped out.


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    Default Re: A Little Loss of Power

    When I got my 1602D, I pulled the air filter element, the cannister was 1/2 full of very fine silt, I have no idea how it even ran!

    The fuel filter was about 1/2 full of mud too, and was caked over on the outside so you couldn't even see the fluid condition.

    Mark's on the right path, follow his advice.........

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