Haven't had an opportunity to really give it a workout yet. We've got it at our shop in Houston, prepping some things before taking it to San Antonio. Mostly just basic service, since we didn't have the service records (fluids, filters, lube, etc). A few other items like putting additional forward and rear facing aux lights mounted up on the canopy. Also running some additional hydraulic hoses with quick disconnects from the rear up to the front loader for things like hydraulic auger, grapple, etc. Plus ordered a set of the Pat's Easy Change adapters for the 3pt lift arms in Cat II. Loved them on our small Kubota.

Hope to get it out to the ranch in a few weeks, but hunting season is almost upon us, and priorities have shifted.

But I'll shoot more pics and some videos once we get it up there.


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Well it's not like the thing is trying to come off any way.

How do you like it so far?