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    Default Need information on a Zetor 7320

    There is a Zetor 7320 for sale pretty close to me and I'm wondering if I can find out a bit more on this model tractor. I can find plenty of specs on it but not a lot of personal experience type information. I notice it was only built for a year or two? Where there problems with this particular model? It seems that Zetors, over all, are work horses, does that go for the 7320 as well? How hard is it to get parts for this model? What little I can find mentions problems with the brake slave cylinders.
    So, the price on this tractor seems very reasonable, much better than the big three, but it's certainly not a well known tractor in my part of Texas. I guess what I'm asking is if this is a tractor worth pursuing or should I look for something more reliable.

    Thanks for any help you all can give me.

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    Default Re: Need information on a Zetor 7320

    try this

    Zetor club
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    Default Re: Need information on a Zetor 7320

    I dont have that exact model but I do of them. Probably one of the best built tractors around if you are color blind. I have a crystal and a 7711 both are great tractors, lots of use and older. Brakes are not a real issue, they have hydraulic (car type) brakes mine have worked well and if you need any parts there are a number of dealers around. I have not walked into a dealership for a part since the mid 90s. I buy what little I need online, or call the dealer and heve them shipped. Best I remember Deere sold that model in europe and a few here as the John Deere 2400. they were around during the time that the english and german deeres were being modernized roughtly mid 90s to a couple years ago.

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