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By TBN April 7, 2018 19:19
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While modern tractors dazzle us with amazing features that make tractors more versatile and productive than ever, there was a time when the concept of a machine that would never tire in the field, and drank gasoline instead of hay, was remarkable. The great tractor boom in the mid-20th century left an incredible tractor heritage for the entire world to build upon.

Thankfully, that heritage is not lost on current generations. And thanks to hundreds of thousands of tractors being manufactured for use on farms in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, there are still many machines from that era out there. With a little elbow grease, mechanical skills, a good paint spray booth, and of course the passion (and cash) for a hobby, a vintage tractor can be made to look and run like new again. When that happens, there are few things more compelling than the sound of an old engine clacking out in the field, or towing a hay wagon.

So without further ado, please join us for a trip down memory lane in this collection of vintage tractors.

1. 1953 Farmall Cub


This 1953 Farmall Cub is a piece of Americana; one of the most popular tractors during the biggest tractor boom in American history. Owned by Uncle Wayne.

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By TBN April 7, 2018 19:19
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  1. Bob April 30, 10:01

    Picture number two is ” NOT ” a John Deere A

  2. Farmerbrown April 30, 13:33

    Thanks for sharing the 13 Timeless Tractors with us.
    I used to be a collector of antique tractors but had to give it up after I retired and relocated to an estate where I had no space for the collection.

  3. dennismcguire April 30, 13:33

    Enjoyed the old girls or are tractors old guys? Have two of the ones shown, The Cub and the Ford.

  4. Joel Spackman April 30, 13:35

    I love vintage tractors! Just wish I could afford to find one and restore it, thank you for the gallery pictures of the various ones, Long like Tractor fans!

  5. Joel Spackman April 30, 13:38

    I love vintage tractors, Just wish I could afford to find one and restore it, thank you for the picture gallery of various ones, long live tractor fans!

  6. hhydro April 30, 13:42

    All are great specimens that were obviously lovingly restored. The collection is lacking an important class of machines, the original diesel farm tractors from Caterpillar, the D-series. Understandably most people think of these as construction dozers but the 4U & 5U series D2, 9U series D6, and especially the 6U and 7U series D4 were built by the 10s of thousands as farm tractors. I’ve got a couple that aren’t show pieces like these but still doing the job they were built for after more than 60 years.

  7. Don Schneider April 30, 13:54

    Thank you for the history .

  8. Alafarm April 30, 14:04

    Brings back fond memories! Dad had a B John Deere when I was a kid. Granddad had a M farm-all, and we still have his 1949 G Allis Chamler!

  9. Geoker April 30, 16:45

    Number 2 is correctly identified as a John Deere “LA”

  10. bigdaddie47 April 30, 17:14

    Grandfather on my Dad’s side had a Massey-Harris as the first tractor he bought (retired the horses-out to pasture) He laughed at his sons till they learned how to use it. I do remember the Wisconsin 4 that they used for the silage chopper.Sitting here typing this Memories are coming back.

  11. Harry May 1, 01:16

    My neighbor collects and restores old tractors, but almost all are either John Deere or Sears garden tractors. The JD are in the 100 group. So far he has about 8 completed and two more enroute. He plows, cultivates, and tills as well as cuts weeds with the various implements. Neat to see them.

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