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Belarus 250AS Review

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Belarus AS250 Review Posted by drs1023 on 05/29/2012

I bought this tractor new in 1989, and it only has 300+ hours on it. It looks rough due to never being stored inside, so there's massive surface rust everywhere. Many of the hours is sitting at 3/4 throttle with a 3-point hitch wood splitter hooked to the hydraulics.

The tractor was not built for comfort, speed or looks. It was built to pull equipment, and it has done everything a 31 hp diesel is expected to do. I bush hog, plow, disc, run a post hole auger, scrape, rotary tiller, etc., and it has never failed any of the tasks.

The fuel pump went out a few years ago, and rather than spend the bucks on a new one, I installed a $30 electric one which feeds the injector box just fine. The alternator finally completely died a few months ago, and I replaced it with a Delco 1-wire. A little bracket modification was all that was necessary.

The had the original starter rebuilt some years back, and it just failed again. I bought a new gear drive one to replace the factory direct drive one. All the reviews say I'll like that starter much better.

It's a bear to drive due to no power steering and the added weight on the front tires. Should have never been made without power steering, but I did have a $700 choice to buy this option new.

These tractors are work horses, but seem to hold little resale value. I've heard from dealers who sell other brands that the transmission is weak, but I haven't seen it. I've destroyed a bush hog drive shaft, twisted a pinion shaft off a auger, and disintegrated a ratche slip clutch on the PTO, but no transmission issues.

Model year: 1989 Date Purchased: 01/01/1989 Number of Hours: 300
Pros: Strong, locking differential, good fuel economy. Cons: Poor wiring, expensive parts, have to have front suitcase weights to install heavy equipment. Original third arn bracket was weks. I had to remake it within the first two years due to it breaking in two pieces. Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: United States Georgia I also considered buying: Massey Ferguson TO-35, Branson 3510
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