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Cub Cadet 7275 Review

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Cub Cadet 7275 Built by Mitsubishi Posted by Joe Lexon on 12/09/2012

This is one tough, capable tractor. It still surprises me today, after 15 years of ownership, just how much power this tractor has.

It has been 100% reliable since the day I bought it.
Its traction and climbing ability in 4-wheel drive is astounding. I have had it buried up to the axles in swampy mud and have been able to climb out unaided.

The hydro static transmission performs, and the power steering (indirect hydraulic---a little strange at first) is a godsend when working with the loader.

All of the attachments to this tractor are standard-issue Woods equipment (I have a 72 inch belly mower, 60 inch loader, and a 7 1/2 foot backhoe). It makes it easier to get parts either from Cub Cadet or from a Woods dealer. I was also able to buy a NOS Case-International front mount snow thrower (single stage). I works well enough, but it's not a dual stage blower, but it does bolt right up to the tractor.

The quick-attach loader setup does work pretty well. I can get the loader off the tractor in about 5 minutes, and back on in about 10 minutes.

The belly-mount mower is simple enough to get off and on, but takes more time and effort, mostly due to it's size (about 6'4" wide, 3' long front to back, and 525 pounds. If the loader is on the tractor (you can have both the loader and belly mower on at the same time), you can lift the front wheels of the tractor about 6 inches off the ground, making it easier to roll the mower out from underneath.

I selected trak-loader tires on this tractor as a compromise between aggressive Ag-tread that would murder my lawn, and soft turf tires that really bounce around with the loader on. The wheels the trak-loader tires come on are heavy-duty, and solid--no width adjustment like the Ag wheels. The rear tire to fender clearance is tight with these wheels, keeping you from putting tire chains on. The trak-loader tires pack with ice and snow fairly quickly, and make pushing snow a little hard. I've put tire chains on the front wheels--which helps a lot on ice--but I would really like to use rear chains too.

I would like for the transport gearing to be a little bit taller--in high range, the fastest this tractor will travel is 11-12mph. It makes any road travel, on secondary rural roads, very slow--other tractors I've operated will travel at 15-20mph, which is more reasonable.

Replacement parts for this machine are brutally expensive. Maintenance parts (filters) are far overpriced. The hydrostatic transmission has two filters, that cost over $60 each. I have not found an aftermarket/3rd party source for them. They need to be changed every 250 hours (I don't look forward to it). Oil filters and fuel filters cost $15-20 but are available at NAPA for far less.

The mower deck belt is $107. I have had them last for over 5-6 years, and have also gone through 2 belts in one season.

Parts that I have broken during use/abuse/mistakes include front grill (plastic) $125. I lost the turnbuckle adjuster from the right-hand side 3 point lift arm (came loose and fell off somewhere on my property)--$82. The rear wheel bracket on the mower deck broke (wheel clevis)--$73. Plastic vent plug from top of mower gearbox--$14.

I've had 2 Kubotas before and hated going to the dealer for parts, but I don't recall every part being as overpriced as Cub. There are a number of dealers that sell Kubota parts online at a reasonable discount, but there are really no good sources for Cub Cadet parts for this tractor at much (if any) discount.

Model year: 1997 Date Purchased: 11/01/1997 Number of Hours: 1100
Pros: Reliability, power, operator comfort, compatibility with common Woods attachments. Cons: Brutally expensive parts. Tight rear tire to fender clearance. High range gearing still slow. Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: United States Pennsylvania I also considered buying: John Deere 955, Kubota B2320
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