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CC Yanmar SC2400 Review, Fluids and Filters Posted by dwebb on 04/07/2013

Hi, I'm new to the TractorByNet forum but I wanted to add my tractor review for the benefit of others. I got my SC2400 in the summer of 2011. I didn't use it much until last year. I've got a front-end loader and a 4' box blade on the back and the 60" mid-mount mower.

The FEL took some getting used to as far as attaching it and taking it off, etc. But, as with everything, it just takes a little practice. I had to pour a little concrete pad to set it on for storage and also to have a solid place for it to sit while I'm taking it on and off. I've spread about 40 yds. of dirt with it so far. Works great!

The box blade is also very nice. At first I was having to muscle it on the 3-point hitch with a pry bar. That was not easy. Then, I wised up and got a quick hitch attachment. Now I just back up to it, snap it on and away I go---SO much better!

I have 2 acres so the 60" mower makes pretty quick work of that. And, although it's pretty heavy, the deck is actually not too difficult to get on and off once you get the right sequence down. It's little hard reaching in the attach the PTO but everything else is not too bad.

I am very pleased with the SC2400 and it performs very well for what I need. However, if I had known that CC and Yanmar were going to part ways and make getting parts difficult I might have gone with a JD or Kubota. The dealer said they are now an approved Yanmar dealership but parts always have to be special ordered.

But, thanks to the TractorByNet forums and several posts from other SC2400 owners, I have found a lot of helpful information. As a gesture of appreciation I thought I would consolidate some of the information about fluids and filters for the SC2400 that will be helpful when doing regular maintenance. So, here it is:

Coolant - Permanent type antifreeze, Ethylene Glycolin 50% water 50% antifreeze.
Capacity - 3.4 qts

Air Filter - Wix 46449 , NAPA 6449 , Fram CA9248

Crankcase Oil - SAE 10W-30
Oil Filter - Fram PH6017A , NAPA 1358
Capacity - 2.2 quarts

Transmission Fluid - Hydraulic/Transmission Fluid
Hydralic Filter - Wix 57103 , NAPA 7103
Capacity - 2.0 gals.

Front Axle - SAE 80W-90 gear oil
Capacity- 2.6 qts

Belt - Part #954-3080 #91 MM60RSe

Model year: 2011 Date Purchased: 07/15/2011 Number of Hours: 50
Pros: Great sub-compact tractor. Cons: Difficult to get service and parts. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: United States Texas I also considered buying:
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