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A lot of Tractor in Small Package Posted by Bryan Burke on 01/15/2011

I needed another tractor to compliment my 49 Cub and to replace my worn out MTD garden tractor. I looked at the most popular models and narrowed it down to the M-F and this one. I went to the local M-F/NH dealer and was told they no longer sell the Subcompacts and that I needed a compact.

I then went to the CCY Dealer and found he did not stock the 2450 but he was happy to get one for me. We made the deal with MMM, Grass Catcher, Turf Tires, and aftermarket Canopy. The dealer threw in the 3PH and 8" bucket. The Cub has not been started since. Of course due to its size and weight it is limited but has been able to do anything I need it for.

I added a tooth bar to the front bucket (highly recommend). It has good power, runs smooth, hydraulics work smoothly and quiet, low fuel consumption and mows well. What I don't like is the hose connections for the bucket are under the platform and require crawling on the ground to disconnect.

The bucket could be easier to remove, but it's not real difficult. The mower deck is hard to remove, but can usually stay on. The grille guard has a poor latch and has come loose while in motion causing it to dig into the ground (it is now bent).

The grass catcher clogs easily and is extremely difficult to remove and reinstall (don't buy it). I have removed it, its not worth the time to install. Another review says the BH is hard to R&R, I find it very easy (the hose should be longer). It takes less then 5 minutes one or off. I have been told that the BH controls are reversed from whats normal, it doesn't bother me since I have never used one before.

So far I am still very happy overall with this purchase, it has performed very well, digs well, and mows great. I would recommend it to anyone that needs a tractor this size, unless you need to r&r the grass catcher on a regular basis.

Model year: 2010 Date Purchased: 04/15/2010 Number of Hours: 50
Pros: Good power, low fuel consumption, good lift capacity, dual pumps, shifts on the fly, and price. Cons: Grass catcher is extremely difficult to r&r, and a poor grille guard latch. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: United States Oklahoma I also considered buying: Kubota BX24, Massey Ferguson GC2310
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