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Iseki TA325 Review

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Iseki TA 325 Review Posted by George Rutherford on 12/31/2011

Bought second hand TA 325 imported from Japan to New Zealand in 2011. It had had check and repaint new battery and tires and custom front end loader built in Japan added. Purchased Iseki rotary hoe separately at same time.

Had trouble with loose battery terminals. Ended up rebuilding starter which was in poor condition and replacing starter solenoid. Vendor had not tightened up battery terminals properly.

After about eight months showed clear evidence of serious oil leak from right rear wheel. Same time suffered engine seizure as a result of failed hose clamp on the cooling system possibly complicated by grass seed build up on radiator screens during one days mowing in the summer. Parking brake ratchet system has failed and needs fixing as well as foot throttle which jams. These are minor compared to the seizure of engine.

When i bought it didn't realise the tractor was over 20 years old. I doubt the hour meter is correct as 100 hours a year seems very low for a tractor in commercial use as i have run up more that 50 hours in a year of very light use mowing grass on a lifestyle block of 7 acres.

Now in process of checking out engine. Will probably need a rebuild.

Tractor has generally performed well - mostly used with a rotary slasher mower. Seizure likely to be expensive. Investigating parts availability for four cylinder 32.5 HP diesel engine. Having trouble finding info on the net for a tractor of this age which seems not to be an export (from Japan) model.

In retrospect I feel I would have been better off buying a new tractor with a longer warranty. I got three months warranty with my purchase but for a lifestyle block this is not long enough to show up faults. A new tractor similar specs with a FEL and rotary hoe would have cost about twice to 3 times the price i paid but would have been worth the money.

Interested in corresponding with other owners.

George Rutherford [rutherfordgb@gmail.com]

I have put Australia as location because it is closest to me actual location which is New Zealand.

Model year: 1990 Date Purchased: 12/31/2011 Number of Hours: 2000
Pros: As above. Cons: As above. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: Australia Outside of the U.S. I also considered buying: Kubota B26
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