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John Deere 2305 Review

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John Deere 2305 Posted by Josh on 01/06/2012

It's been almost 5 years since purchase. I have used this little tractor and it is well built.

However, it does have an Achilles heel and a expensive one potentially. 3 years after purchase the tractor suddenly would not start but did stutter slightly upon cranking the engine with the starter. After removing the fuel lines one by one I determined a small squirt was happening then stopping. I assumed it was a faulty fuel injector pump. I removed the pump myself and had it rebuilt to the tune of 1200.

After replacing the rebuilt pump the same problem kept occurring. After reading the owners manual over and over I called the dealer. They were not helpful. I called numerous times trying to talk with a mechanic or tech guy. Finally the one guy told me I could remove the fuel solenoid temporarily and the engine should fire if the solenoid was bad. Sure enough the engine fired. So I proceeded to buy the 200+ dollar solenoid and replaced that. Turns out that's not it either. So there I am 1,400 bucks later only to find out it was a faulty solenoid relay switch. What the, this is not acceptable for a three year old tractor.

The engine is well built and the rest of the tractor is fine with the exception of the drivers seat. Way under engineered. Gets stuck trying to turn it around and ripped to shreds so easy and worst of all after only two years had ripped off the rails and i had to weld them back to the bottom of the seat.

Furthermore the fuel and rpm gauge cluster have broken from their mounts and are now floating around inside the dash

The seat and dash are are both tinker toy quality. Other than that it's a real machine that can bust through hard rock with a little patience.

Model year: 2007 Date Purchased: 07/11/2007 Number of Hours: 600
Pros: Engine and steel well engineered. Cons: Fuel solenoid relay, drivers seat , gauges. Type of User: Commercial Landscape Location: United States California I also considered buying: John Deere 200
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