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John Deere 5075M Review

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5075M to Back Up My Old 2010! Posted by Gaetan B on 04/13/2013

Wanted to have a MFWD for long time to back-up my 1964 JD 2010. My 5075M came with Cabin, A/C, radio, air ride seat, front and rear wipers and ext mirrors, 553 loader and 73" HD bucket, radial tires with rear filled with Agrilim, 3 rear SCV and 2 middle for the loader. 16F/16R synch. reverse, brakes and clutch are oil cooler. MFWD on the go electrically operated, electric on the go rear differential lock. The engine is a tier III electronically controlled 5 cyl 3.0 litre. Electric PTO 540/540E .

This last option is really something for lower HP requirements as it can operate your PTO at 540 RPM with the engine running at only 1700 RPM. It is much less noisy, reduce vibration, fuel consumption and wear of the engine. The engine runs at almost full torque and 80% HP. Definitely a must have!

My 5075 was among the first 100 built so I had to spend a couple of hours to correct a few things that could have impacted reliability eventually. A wiring harness under the hood had actually started to melt on the muffler and needed to be re-routed and was not tied correctly same with dust booth.

The design was good. Has both were put at the right place and just fitted perfectly. The internal radio antenna was replaced by an external one as I had no reception in my area and the left controls dash light was not working.

The factory execution is to be questioned. One last element design related is the lack of protection around the push/pull wires that controls the Middle SCVs of the loader. They have tendency to get sticky and hard to operate because of dust build up. A rubber booth would greatly prevent this daily maintenance item. Beside this the tractor turned out to be a strong and reliable piece of equipment.

Model year: 2009 Date Purchased: 07/30/2011 Number of Hours: New
Pros: Strong and well integrated. Perfect for loader work and small farms. Cons: A little heavy for the HP. Pulling loads on the road requires patience and shifting! Type of User: Homeowner 100+ Acres Location: Canada Outside of the U.S. I also considered buying:
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